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Certification Exam Study Guide

A number of resources exist that will assist you in preparing for the exam to become a certified floodplain manager (CFM®). The following references are listed in order of importance or relevance as a study aid. This study guide was prepared by the Arkansas Floodplain Management Association (AFMA) professional development certification committee (PDCC) and is not intended to be a complete listing of all floodplain management documents. Exams for certification as a floodplain manager in Arkansas may include other technical sources not listed in this document.

  • FEMA Publication 480
    NFIP: Floodplain Management Requirements
    A Study Guide and Desk Reference for Local Officials

  • Guide for Arkansas Communities Participating in the NFIP
    Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC), formerly the Arkansas Soil & Water Conservation Commission (ASWCC)

  • Managing Floodplain Development Through the NFIP
    FEMA / Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC)
    Offered annually at EMI (Emmitsburg, Md.) and UCA (Conway, Ark.)
    See the AFMA conference & workshop schedule for dates.

  • NFIP Program Description
    August 2002

  • FEMA Community Assistance Series No. 4
    The Floodway: A Guide for Permit Officials

  • Title 44 – Emergency Management and Assistance
    Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

    • Part 59.1 – Definitions

    • Part 60.3 – Floodplain Management Criteria for Flood-Prone Areas

    • Part 65 – Identification and Mapping of Special Hazard Areas

    • Part 70 – Procedure for Map Correction

    • Part 73 – Implementation of Section 1316 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968

  • Flood Insurance Study, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and Flood Boundary Floodway Maps for your community.

  • Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance for Your Community.

  • State of Arkansas Floodplain Management Legislation
    Arkansas Code of 1987, Chapter 268 – Flood Loss Prevention

  • Rules Governing the Arkansas Soil & Water Conservation Commission (ASWCC) Floodplain Administrator Accreditation Program
    Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC), formerly ASWCC

  • Answers to Questions about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

  • FEMA Forms to Submit Revisions to National Flood Insurance Program Maps

  • NFIP Elevation Certificate and Instructions

  • FEMA Publication 213
    Answers to Questions about Substantially Damaged Buildings

  • FEMA Publication L-169
    Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Brochure

  • FEMA Publication 301
    Interim Guidance for State and Local Officials - Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)

  • FEMA Technical Bulletins

  • Protecting Floodplain Resources - A Guidebook for Communities

  • FEMA Publication 409
    The Natural and Beneficial Functions of Floodplains
    Reducing Flood Losses by Protecting and Restoring the Floodplain Environment
    A report for Congress by the Task Force on the Natural and Beneficial Functions of the Floodplain. June 2002.

  • No Adverse Impact
    A Toolkit for Common Sense Floodplain Management
    Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM). 2003